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Transaction Banking

Your one-stop business-to-business transaction bank for the best of both the digital and traditional asset world.

InCore Transaction Banking

Traditional Banking

Banks, security dealers and asset managers worldwide benefit from economies of scale thanks to our first-class brokerage, global custody and correspondent banking services within the traditional asset market.

  • Trading of traditional securities such as shares, bonds etc., derivative instruments and foreign fiat currencies
  • Execution and monitoring of all incoming and outgoing payments in all fiat currencies
  • Global Custody, clearing, settlement and reconciliation
  • Statements of assets
  • Regulatory and tax reporting
  • KYC and AML checks

Our payment services support fintech companies with their fiat payment transactions.

Digital Asset Banking

Crypto Currency Services

Banks, security dealers and asset managers worldwide are able to meet their customers’ growing demand for digital assets effortlessly – without any additional  investments in technology. Our brokerage and custody services within the crypto asset market position you as forward-looking and innovative.

  • Opening of wallets
  • Trading and transfer fiat – crypto / crypto – fiat
  • Custody of crypto assets
  • Book entries, (fiat) clearing and settlement
  • Statements of assets
  • Regulatory and tax reporting
  • KYC and AML checks

Security Token Services

With InCore Bank's security token services companies across the world are able to manage their securities and raise capital in an easier and more cost-efficient way. These services cover the whole range from token issuance, distribution, brokerage and custody.

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Only pure transaction bank in Switzerland


At home in two worlds - transaction banking with both traditional and digital assets


Established in 2007

Benefits of our Transaction Banking Services

Fast and secure processing

Availability of markets

Bankers talking to bankers

Highly efficient operation

Ensure best execution

Let us design your crypto and token future together now.

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You can rely on our experience

We are your trading specialist

−    Best possible prices on the stock exchanges
−    Greatest care in order execution

Specialists in all market segments 

−    Digital assets, crypto currencies
−    Traditional securities and derivatives
−    Fiat forex and precious metals

Speed and precision

−    Global electronic network with access to numerous stock exchanges 
−    High rate of STP transactions

Extensive correspondent network

−    All international payments 
−    Monitoring of incoming and outgoing payments by our specialists

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